July 18, 2015 (3:00 PM)

Johnstown Social Set

The annual AAABA tournament scouts dinner will be held at 4:30pm on Tuesday, August 11, at the Surf N Turf Restaurant located at 100 Valley Pike in Johnstown.  All members of the mid atlantic scouts association are invited.  No reservations needed.  The Johnstown dinner/social is a nearly fifty year old MASA tradition.    

June 28, 2015 (5:30 PM)

Congratulations UVA Baseball

The Mid Atlantic Scouts association congratulates the U of Virginia on its College World Series Championship.  UVA becomes the first college world series champion from the Mid Atlantic.  What a tremendous achievement by the players and Coaches Brian O'Connor, Kevin McMullan, Karl Kuhn, and the entire staff. 
Mid Atlantic Scouts Association
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